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When the clouds roll in and the pitter-patter of rain begins to fall in Lisbon, parents might worry their kid-friendly adventures are over— but fear not! This vibrant city doesn’t lose its sparkle when the skies darken. From whimsical indoor playgrounds to educational children’s museums, Lisbon offers an array of activities that will keep your little ones entertained regardless of the weather. Here are the top 10 things you can do with your kids indoors on those unexpected rainy days in Portugal’s capital.

1. Oceanário de Lisboa


Situated in the Parque das Nações, the Oceanário is the largest indoor aquarium in Europe and a fantastic spot to spend a rainy day with your kids. With a central tank representing the world’s oceans, it is home to a rich variety of species, including sharks, rays, and penguins, whose playful antics will put big smiles on little faces. The design of the exhibit allows for a smooth, circular path that ensures visitors miss none of the ocean life, making it accessible for strollers and captivating for all ages.

Insider Tip:

Arrive early to avoid crowds, and be on the lookout for special feeding times for the penguins!

2. Pavilhão do Conhecimento

Directly next to the Oceanário is the Pavilion of Knowledge, a science museum that caters to inquisitive minds of all ages. Hands-on activities are the name of the game here, as the museum encourages children to explore and learn about science through interactive exhibits. With areas ranging from a child-sized DNA model to a separate section for preschoolers, there’s something for every stage of youth to discover.

Insider Tip:

Check the museum’s schedule for workshops and live science demonstrations, which often add an extra layer of excitement to the learning experience.

3. KidZania Lisbon


In the heart of the Amoreiras Shopping Center lies KidZania — an indoor city run by kids! Here, children can role-play as various professionals, from doctors to firefighters, in a safe and controlled environment. Young citizens earn and spend KidZos (the city’s currency) as they work through a list of professions and learn about being part of a community. It’s an incredibly immersive experience that fosters a sense of independence and curiosity about the world beyond their own city bedroom walls.

Insider Tip:

Plan for at least 4 hours here to give kids the full KidZania experience, and consider purchasing tickets in advance online to avoid waiting in line.

4. Storytelling at the National Coach Museum

Another historical and educational gem is the National Coach Museum, housed in a stunning 18th-century royal riding arena. This museum is dedicated solely to ceremonial and promenade vehicles, such as carriages and chariots, which will captivate children’s imaginations as they dream up stories fitting for the royal courts. On certain days, there are storytelling sessions where visitors learn the quirky stories behind the museum’s most famous rides, making it both fun and informative.

Insider Tip:

Although the museum isn’t huge, kids can tire easily from using their imaginations! Pair this museum with a nearby indoor café or eatery, such as LX Factory, for a full day of fun.

5. Museu da Marioneta

On the winding streets of Lisbon’s historic Alfama district, you’ll find the Puppet Museum. This charming space is dedicated to the art of puppetry, hosting a delightful collection of traditional Portuguese puppets, as well as international examples. The museum often has interactive workshops and performances, adding an extra element of joy to the ancient art form that spans cultures and generations.

Insider Tip:

For a truly unique experience, check the museum’s schedule for shadow puppet theater workshops or the occasional live puppet show.

6. Cookery Schools

Engage your children’s senses and culinary curiosity at a local cooking class! Several schools in Lisbon offer kid-oriented sessions where they can mix, measure, and create under the guidance of experienced chefs. Not only is it a rainy-day activity, but it’s also an invaluable life skill. Afterwards, you might have a skilled sous chef to help prepare meals back at your accommodations!

Recommended School:

Lisbon Cooking Academy

Avenida Alm. Reis 4, 2745-146 Queluz, Portugal


Classes vary, check the website for availability

Insider Tip:

Look for classes with a focus on local cuisine for an authentic experience that ties in with your travel itinerary.

7. FNAC Kids Workshops

The FNAC Kids area in the Colombo Shopping Centre frequently hosts workshops that are both entertaining and educational. Covering a wide range of topics such as arts and crafts, music, and reading, these sessions are often open to kids of different age groups. Activities may include building a storybook, learning simple songs on a musical instrument, or engaging in storytelling and readings.

Insider Tip:

The best part? Most of these workshops tend to be free or very affordable, so you can look forward to spending less on a rainy day that’s rich in fun and learning for the whole family.

8. Popsike

For a bit of retro fun, head to Popsike, an antique store that also houses a games room with a wide selection of vintage and modern board games. Spend a few hours playing classics like Monopoly, Scrabble, or chess, or explore new favorites that could become treasured family games. There’s usually inexpensive tea, coffee, and soft drinks on offer, making Popsike a relaxed, budget-friendly rainy day retreat.

Insider Tip:

Bring a few snacks or candies to supplement the drinks, and be ready to have some quality time engaging in old-school low-tech fun with your kids.

9. Go to the Movies

When in doubt, a trip to the cinema can be a universal rainy-day solution for families. Lisbon boasts a variety of modern cinemas with a wide range of family-friendly movies. In some of the larger theaters, you can find original-language screenings, which is a great opportunity for language immersion if your family is learning Portuguese.

Recommended Cinema:

Cinema City Alvalade

Avenida de Roma 100, 1700-345 Lisboa, Portugal


Showtimes vary, check the website for the latest listings

Insider Tip:

Arrive a little early to avoid rushing in the rain and to skip the crowds who may also have the same idea.

10. Indoor Playgrounds

There are several indoor playgrounds across Lisbon that can handle hours of the most boisterous play, ensuring your kids have an outlet for their energy even when the weather is keeping them inside. These locations typically have diverse play areas, from ball pits to climbing gyms, and often incorporate learning activities for different age groups.

Suggested Indoor Playground:

Bounce Portugal

Passeio dos Olivais 29, 1990-466 Lisboa, Portugal


Monday – Sunday: 10 AM–11 PM

Insider Tip:

Remember to pack an extra set of clothes for your kids, as they might get quite wet even before you arrive.

By exploring these indoor treasures, you’re not just avoiding the Lisbon rain — you’re setting the stage for unforgettable family memories and learning adventures. Whether it’s bonding over a board game, playing “grownup” for the day, or discovering the wonders of science, the fun never stops in Lisbon, no matter the forecast! Now, all that’s left to do is pack that umbrella and make some grand plans with your kids for your next rainy day in the city.

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