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Old town Prague

Prague – where it all began!

Reading Time: 7 minutes I was thinking about it the other day and I realised that Maya’s travelling days started as soon as she was implanted in my womb – I had chosen a fertility clinic in Prague, so only a couple of days…

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Yoga in Rio De Janeiro
Travel Tips

Reclaiming My Fitness after entering Motherhood

Reading Time: 5 minutes Now I’m not saying having a kid is stressful, but pretty much as soon as I’d physically recovered from giving birth to my daughter, I felt an overwhelming urge to literally run for the hills…

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Single mom travelling to Paris for work trip

Paris work trip Oh Lá lá!

Reading Time: 5 minutes Shortly after a successful trip to Brussels, I got called to another conference, this time in Paris. It was brilliant news for Maysa, the woman helping me with Maya, as she is a fashion designer…

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Royal Street Brussels, travelling for work with a 2 month old.

A travelling working trip to Brussels

Reading Time: 7 minutes All mothers know it’s a big period of adjustment just after having a baby. Travelling with one adds another set of lessons to add to the learning curve…

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